Eternal Facilities Manangement
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Who we are

Eternal Facilities Management (Private) Limited is a facilities management company registered in Zimbabwe to provide industry-leading facilities management solutions for residential, corporate and commercial real estate. We focus exclusively on facilities management, building condition assessments and built asset management consultancy. We deliver customized built asset solutions for our clients throughout their real estate's lifecycle. Our facilities services are designed to fit the unique needs of our clients and allow them to concentrate on their core business while we enhance value of their facilities or built assets.

We manage services and processes that support the core functions of a business from our broad spectrum of integrated facilities and built asset management services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our facilities services ensure functionality of the built assets by integrating people, places, processes and technology. This ensures that our clients have suitable working environment that promotes excellence, productivity, safety and comfort.

As a progressive organisation, we have the capacity to simplify facilities needs into appropriate solutions, and deliver complete facilities and built asset management services from one facility. We have the capacity to deliver on all non-core activities on stand-alone and multi-site portfolios across Zimbabwe. We harness the power of strategic partnership and collaboration to establish long-term relationships and tailor exceptional and innovative solutions that surpass our clients' high expectations within the residential, corporate and commercial real estate lifecycle.

To be the premier facilities and built asset management company in Zimbabwe.

To create and invest in value addition for all stakeholders through innovative facilities and built asset management services for organisations in all sectors of the economy.

To efficiently and effectively manage built assets and physical infrastructure in a manner that enables the delivery of innovative facilities support services while being conscious of the facility impacts on the environment and resources.

Corporate Values
We invest in:
Innovation: Innovative Thinking
Determination: Focused Attention and Interaction
Consistency: Absolute Integrity
Reliability: Precision Execution
Growth: Long-term and Forward Thinking
Collaboration: Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

  • To exceed client expectations though excellence and exceptional outcomes.
  • To develop a strong brand through our business philosophy of simplifying facilities and built asset management services, making them easily accessible to our clients.
  • To enable economic participation by local citizens in sectors we operate.
  • To collaborate with local and international clients in facilities management services.
  • To increase market share, profitability and geographical spread.