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What We Do

We understand buildings and people.

Building assets are typically the largest investment made by both public and private sector clients. The long-term cost of operating any built asset will significantly outweigh the original cost and many businesses simply see buildings as liabilities. At Eternal Facilities Management, we view every built asset owned by our clients as an opportunity to create value, enhance performance and maximize returns during the operational phase of the built asset by reducing operational costs.

Our business philosophy at Eternal Facilities Management (Private) Limited is based on the fact that design, construction and operation are inseparable, and that the application of deep knowledge or expertise to each of them is fundamental to the success of any project, exceeding expectation by far.

Our core business is facilities management, built asset management, and building condition assessments and inspections. Outsourcing facilities needs and non-core business to us means our clients are able to focus on their core business and what counts to them while we handle their non-core services. Working with us means working with a facilities management company that provides you with guaranteed technical expertise, leadership, continuity for all your facilities and support services from one facility. We have bundled our services as a single business entity under one facility to enable integration of all client services; hence providing a single or centralized point of contact, control and accountability.

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Facilities Management

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