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Building Condition Assessment (BCA)

Building condition and performance assessment directly relate, as the condition of a building is a typical way to measure the performance of that building. Once the building is completed and is in its operational phase, the building condition does not stand longer in good performance as it starts to deteriorate due to internal and external factors.

Our condition assessments or surveys provide building owners or our clients with comprehensive and critical information on the overall condition of their buildings or property that can be reliably used to manage risks and optimise their investment. We evaluate the assets owned by an organisation and forecast possible future maintenance repair requirements for single and multiple properties to support their activities and services.

Our condition reports can be used by every owner of any type of building, commercial and individual property owners, lenders, insurance companies, and real estate investors for buying and selling a property, re-financing, and financial planning for major expenditures.

• Condition Assessment and Surveys
  • Home Condition Reports

  • Building and Property Condition Assessment & Reports

  • Facilities Condition Assessment & Reports

  • Facilities Maintenance Inspection & Reports

  • Dilapidation Surveys

  • Building Life-cycle Assessment

  • Ergonomic Assessment

  • Insurance Valuations, Assessments and Reinstatement Works

  • Public Infrastructure Condition Assessment